manufacturing technology of big diameter submerged arc welding steel pipe

Mouth straight seamsubmerged circular segment welding steel pipe for the most part take ocean and land oil and gas,manufacturing innovation of enormous breadth lowered curve welding steel pipe Articles oil and petroleum gas, coal and metal paddle medium pipeline, particularly for our nation is right now in the development of the “west to east gas pipeline project”, can likewise be utilized for sends out and supplant imported.

German SMSMEER (who is the renowned mannesmann), Japan NKK organization, Japan O.T.K (Osaka extraordinary steel pipe), India WELSPVN pipe organization, South Korea’s hyundai weighty ventures, and the organization, has its remarkable line innovation, tube for the drug business’ tip top.

Drug tube innovation technique and qualities of unfamiliar creation enormous straight crease lowered bend welding steel pipe framing strategy has: strategy for UOE, CFE line roll shaping, RBE roller twist shaping, JCOE framing strategy, C shaping strategy and PFP steady bowing framing strategy, and so on. Brief presentation is as per the following:

1. The UOE technique on the edge of the twisting, first of all, plate inside U press framing mold squeezed into U, and afterward in O press shaping pass on strain into type O welding into tube after the entire opening extension. UOE technique is one of the most progressive shaping strategy on the planet, and by a long shot the world has almost 30 steel doors and windows arrangements of welded pipe unit, the framing strategy for UOE is popular for its high creation effectiveness and item quality is great, however not for costly, venture scale.

2. The CFE technique for roll framing machine by